Nick and Rob have joined forces to keep the masses entertained between seasons with the Serious Business Podcast. They will touch on important topics like Odd Jobs, Dating, and Time Travel, while retaining the standard level of nonsense one would come to expect from a podcast hosted by Nick and Rob. 

Drop us a line if you have suggestions for topics or if you have a good story and would like to be on the Serious Business Podcast. 


Episode 22: Crowdsourcing and the Conscious Evolution

(featuring JD Singh)

In this episode, we're joined by our old friend JD Singh and discuss crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and all that has come and gone in the last 20 years. What has been the aftermath of a rapid change due to computers and technology. And of course we talk about the self-driving car.

(JD Singh, Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 21: Kids vs Happiness

(featuring Kim Greiner & Kristin Theresa)


Except for the minority of people who actually love children, believe children are 'our future' or think they somehow contribute to the ongoing survival of our species, we can all agree they are a cancer on our personal freedom. Unless of course, you use them as an excuse to go sledding when you're 40. 

Episode 20: WTF is HMU

(featuring Kim Greiner & Kristin Theresa)


We break down some of the most common phone slang acronyms and decifer ones we've never heard before which are exclusive to the internet and cell phone world. We discuss a few autocorrect mishaps and try to figure out WTF HMU is. And we do it quick since the patience of our generation is limited. 

Episode 19: New York City

(featuring Lauren Cannon)

In this episode, we sit with our friend Lauren Cannon to discuss our personal experience with NYC. We dive into everything we love, hate and are indifferent to from brunch, hipsters, mass transit and rent. And how did Brooklyn become a name brand?

(Lauren Cannon, Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 18: Near Disasters- CBGBs

(featuring Brian Petro & Adam Albanese)

In this segment of Near Disasters, we tempt fate at the late New York City icon CBGB's by sneaking in beers and sneaking up on stage. But did the bouncers even notice? You betcha.

(Nick Freeman, Adam Albanese, Brian Petro)

Episode 17: Religion-Part II

(featuring Brian Petro & Adam Albanese)

In Part II of our multi-part talk, we dive right back into our understanding of religion. We discuss all that comes with it including Heaven & Hell, intolerance, karma, and Rob decides to make up a new type of religion since the existing ones don't fit the bill.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Brian Petro, Adam Albanese)

Episode 16: Religion-Part I

(featuring Brian Petro & Adam Albanese)

In this episode, we discuss our stories of religion growing up through current day, creationism, reincarnation, science, jesus and republicans. There was so much to discuss, we had to break it into 2 episodes.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Brian Petro, Adam Albanese)

Episode 15: TV Shows

We dive into everything TV starting with the opening theme songs through the evolution of the actors and the seasons. We discuss what we love and hate about network TV and our favorite and least favorite shows out there today vs. what we grew up on.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 14: Near Misses- Dating A Coworker

(featuring Dave Elmy)

In a new segment we're calling "Near Misses", we reminisce about our favorite stories where a crises was averted or things that almost went much worse, didn't. We are joined by Dave Elmy in this case who discusses what can happen when you date a co-worker.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Dave Elmy)

Episode 13: A New Calendar

(featuring Adam Hamway)

In this Quickie, Rob proposes to the world that we all rethink the way we look at our beloved wall calendars and adopt a method that the Europeans probably already have (assuming anybody still uses wall calendars). 

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Adam Hamway)

Episode 12: Cops

(featuring Matt Cohen)

Nick, Rob and special guest Matt Cohen share some of our most memorable bump ins with the law. Sometimes resulting in a humorous success story of escape, and sometimes just resulting in an expensive ticket or two.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Matt Cohen)

Episode 11: Dreams

(featuring Dave Elmy)

Ever wonder what it would be like to go to Dennis Rodman's wedding? What snacks would he have? We find out In this episode when Nick and Rob are joined by comedian Dave Elmy as they discuss the more memorable and odd dreams they've had and dip into a touch of analyzing as well.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Dave Elmy)

Episode 10: Odd Jobs and Movie Summaries

(featuring Adam Hamway)

Nick and Rob are joined by comedian and long time friend Adam Hamway as they get a glimpse of what its like to be Darth Vader for a day. Then Rob tries to break down Star Wars without ever having seen the movie. 

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Adam Hamway)

Episode 9: The Superbowl

Nick and Rob go over football being more of a TV drama than a sporting event, how awful it must feel to only win one Superbowl and we discuss what they do with all those shirts of the losing team.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)


Episode 8: The Dating World

(featuring Kim Greiner)

The new year brings new guests to the Serious Business Podcast. This week, Nick and Rob sit down with Kim Greiner so that we can get a girls opinion on what a guy should and should't do on a date, how social media has changed dating and we get a couple strange stories as well.  

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro, Kim Greiner)

Episode 7: World Politics and Eating People (Carcast)

When you sit on the highway for hours at a time, podcast topics tend to go a bit off the deep end. In our final carcast of 2013, Nick and Rob offer their take on world issues and eating people. Enjoy! And a happy new year too.


Episode 6: Special Holiday Episode (Quickie Double Feature!)

In this 2 for 1 Special Holiday Edition, Nick and Rob discuss the escaping joy of the holidays and Rob spoils Christmas for a bunch of school kids. Spoiler Alert: There is no Santa Claus :(

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 5: Bad Ideas (Carcast)

Most of us don't have what it takes to come up with the million dollar ideas that change the world. Rob Asaro is no exception to that. In our second carcast episode, we listen to gems that will go down as some of the worst ideas conceived.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 4: The Road Trip (Carcast)

Plenty of people have podcasts, but how many do them while driving in a car? On our maiden voyage of the carcast to Montreal, we discuss Driving with our knees, a U.S. customs debacle, Speaking French and Beer.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 3: Bar Names (Quickie)

In this quick episode, Rob helps Nick come up with the perfect name for his new imaginary Brooklyn Bar.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 2: Time Travel 

We explore the idea of going back in time or into the future, what would we do there and try to understand why no one has come back to tell us it works yet. 

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

Episode 1: Advertisements

An analysis of commercials we remember growing up, bad ad campaigns and the nausea that is Times Square.

(Nick Freeman, Rob Asaro)

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